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16 Cool Tips About Kitchenware and Cooking What We Need to Know

Hi, anyone like the kitchen problem and cook? Fitting this once we will love tips for Mothers, Sisters, Brothers and Fathers who have a hobby of cooking. Have not know about the simple things that are annoying but often we do when in the kitchen?

Simple thing what? Here are 16 things your life can make more sense while you're in the kitchen:

1. How to Peel Hot Boiled Eggs
In order for hard boiled eggs are not difficult to peel while still hot, we can dip into ice water. After that we can easily peel the eggshell hot.

2. Poke or Pour Chili
In order for chili not to burst when fried, we can puncture or wound a little chili with a knife before fried.

3. Rinse Vegetables with Salt
When washing watercress, watercress or other aquatic plants do not forget when the first rinse Dab a spoonful of salt and let stand for a little animals that may live trunked and leaves die. Usually a hobby hanging out there leeches, snails, worms and water worms. Broccoli and cauliflower also often have caterpillars, so do not forget to also use this way.

4. Wash Clean Tofu and Flush with Hot Water
To know more durable when stored, wash with water, then flush with hot water, then wipe with kitchen paper, store in Tupperware, close tightly, then place in the refrigerator. If you know is good quality then can last for 1 week.

5. Knowing Rotten Eggs or Not
To find out rotten eggs or can not use the floating test of water, if it floats on the water it's a sign the eggs have rotted.

6. Stabilize Temperature On Eggs That Will Be Created Cake
When shaking the eggs for a variety of cakes, make sure the eggs are in a stable / temperature state, not in a cold state, as this may make the dough unfold.

7. Do not Save Vegetables in Fridge Using Plastic Crackle
If storing vegetables in the refrigerator, do not use a crackle plastic bag, but use old newspapers or magazines. Because in this way can prevent water dew vegetables stagnant that can lead to vegetables quickly rot.

8. Neutralize Smell In Refrigerator
To neutralize the smell in the refrigerator, split the potatoes and place on the refrigerator rack, the potatoes can remove the odor in the refrigerator.

9. Use a Special Wok to Fry Fish
In order for the fish not sticky in the frying pan, use a special pan for frying, do not ever fry the fish in a pan that was once or often in use for sautéing, because it is definitely fried fish will be sticky and crumbled when reversed..

10. Eliminate Heat Sense in Hand Because of Chili or Sambal
To get rid of the heat in the hands of too long contact with chili or sambal, can be done by washing hands with soap to 2 or 3 times, then on laps, and put hands into rice, grind and squeeze rice for a while, In hand will be lost.

11. In order for Eyes are not pure while slicing onions
In order for the eye is not painful when slicing the onion, place a container of salt beside the cutting board, in this way we can avoid the eyes from the pain.

12. Eliminating Rice Mites
In order for rice not to be contacted by rice lice, place a plastic bag containing several powdered coffee spoons, then give a little hole on the plastic. The rice lice do not like the aroma of coffee, In a while the lice will come out and will not come back again.

13. Cleaning Cooking Utensils That Are Dirty Because Turmeric
If cooking utensils are dull due to stains from colored spices such as turmeric or turmeric, or pots that are too often made to boil water become yellowish. Immediately take a spoon of baking soda, give a little water, rub into the pan, let stand for a while, then rinse. If there are still stains can be repeated again.

14. Cooking Papaya Leaves To Not Bitter
For papaya flower, papaya leaf and bitter melon when consumed, should be boiled together with guava leaves (how, boiled water, take some sheets of guava leaves, wait until boiling, insert leaf guava, wait until approximately 5 minutes, Enter the flower, leaf, pare) let stand briefly, turn off the fire. Only then drain and ready to be cooked according to taste.

15. In order for Tempe is not Easy to Rotten
In order not easily rotten Tempe, do not store the Tempe near the salt.

16. How to Store Meat in Freezer
If storing meat in the freezer, make sure the meat does not come in and out of the freezer repeatedly, as this can make the bacteria multiply. We recommend cutting the meat first according to the estimated needs per each cook and keep in small plastic separately, so that when will take, can grab as necessary.

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